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Cyrus The Great

ALEXANDER THE GREAT...(356-323 BC)..."Alexander of Macedonia shattered the power of the numerous petty kingdoms and tribal oligarchies of the Punjab in North-west India and created a political vacuum that was exploited by Chandragupta Maurya, who actually met Alexander in 327 BC. Chandragupta's grandson, Ashoka, ascended to the peacock throne of the Mauryas in 269 BC.".....Alexander adopted Persian royal dress and attempted to impose the Persian court ceremonial of prostration (proskynesis) on the Greeks (to no avail). His attempts at a racial fusion between the Greeks and the Orientals was also futile. He was buried in a crystal coffin in Egypt, location still unknown. His armies mutinied in India, desiring to return to Persia. (Encyclopedia Britannica)...Alexander spent a year in Samarkind (then Marakanda) because 'it was so beautiful'....."After the reign of Alexander the Great, Mithra came to be worshipped in all the Oriental Kingdoms. By the 2nd Century AD it had spread throughout the Greek and Roman empires. (Canney: pg 244)..."At Nysa on the Caspian sea, Alexander saw the most sought after horses in Asia, the Nysaean steeds." (Newark: 27)..."the most important biography of Alexander is the Pseudo-Calliethenes which dates from 300 AD. Alexander was said to have seen the sun rise in both the East and the West." (Curtis: 58)...

STRITAJYA.. (Suvarnagotra)(Sauromatae)..The Land of Women....An area that Alexander the Great was not able to conquer...( 34) An interesting Kingdom of women warriors northwest of Shang Shung.....See Hermann: An Historical Atlas of China: 1966..."The country referred to about the ant's gold and the Amazons whom Alexander was not able to conquer." (Stein: 35)...."Alexander met with Thalestris, Queen of the Amazons in Parthia in 330 BC (Near the Caspian Sea). She arrived with 300 women warriors in full armour, equipped as horse warriors. She told him she wanted a child by him. He spent 13 days with her.She died soon afterwards and with her disappeared the name of the Amazons." (Newark: Women Warriors..1989)..."Women warriors were quite eviden in the Massagetae of 500 BC. Herodotus reported: 'the women ride hunting and to war and dress the same as men'. In the reign of the Median King Astibar there was a war between the Sacae and the Medes. The leader of the Sacae was called Zarina, a female warrior. When Amorg, a later king of the Saccae was captured by Cyrus of Persia, his wife Sparetra gathered an army of 300,000 men and 200,000 women. According to Herodotus, when the Persians went to war with the Massagetae, the leader of the latter was Tomyris, widow of their king." (Rudenko: 212)...

AURELIAN..Roman Emperor whose mother was a Priestess of the Sun. Ironically destroyed Palmyra, the ancient centre of Syrian sun worshipp which was extremely influential to Rome. (Hawkes: 190)

ARTHUR..."I asked a new question in a new way: 'On what real happenings did Geoffrey base the Gallic warfare, and what real person (if any) was the original for his King Arthur?...In the High King called Riothamus we have at least a part of Arthur, who like Merlin, is a composite character. Arthur won 12 victories, had a sword called Rhongomyniad. Magical protection was buried at Tower Hill in London. Was a great verse maker, a warrior, and a king." (Geoffrey Ashe: 91)

BOUDICCA......Celtic Queen of the Iceni, rebelled against Rome and recaptured London in AD 60. (Geoffrey Ashe: 21)

BULAN....Khazar King who converted his Kingdom to Judaism in 861 AD after a series of debates.(

DIOCLETIAN... "one of Auroleians's soldiers, became emperor of Rome in 284 AD. Worship of the Emperor was an established practice, sometimes in a style borrowed from Asian solar cults. The Emperor was an earthly representative, the focus of a divinely appointed unity, and divine in his own person. Diocletian surrounded himself with pomp and ritual. The civilization centered upon him was the 'eternal light'." (Geoffrey Ashe: 21)

FREDERICK....German Emperor Frederick is in his ninth century of sleep inside a mountain." (Ashe: 101)...

JULIAN...."Emperor Julian conceived of the sun in three ways, as transcendental and indistinguishable from the Good, as Helios-Mithra, and thirdly as the visible sun. Julian was deeply devoted to 'pagan' tradition and restored solar monotheism."...See: Julians Hymn to King Helios....(Hawkes: 251)...

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